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Leogang World Cup, Disaster From Day 1


Well leogang was a bit of a different story to fort william.
I flew into Munich in Germany on my own and had to get a bus and 3 trains to the race. One train was late causing me to miss another.
This led to me arriving in leogang at 3am with no people around and no idea where the track was. After a 3km jog to the track I found the pit I was staying in, set up my camp bed and went to sleep.


The next morning I woke up to realise there was no shop with any useful food in the town, this would mean I couldn’t eat properly which would be the death of me for the week.

Eventually I got to ride the track, I felt good but just not quite on my game. By the time the qualifying runs came around I had zero energy but got on with it and kept a positive mindset.


My run was full of mistakes and stalls in corners only to be ended by a crash near the bottom where I got tangled in my bike. The run was a write off and I was way off the pace.

I learnt my lesson anyway to never go to a big race like this unprepared and how eating right and having the right sleeping set up makes a massive difference to how you will be able to ride the bike and perform to your best.

If I gained nothing else from the race,i gained the chance to get some practice on the track ahead of the world champs here in 2012. The track suites my strong points and I did really enjoy riding it so am looking forward to going back for more next year.
I’ll definately have something to prove to myself for that one!


I also got a shot in sven martins slideshow on vitalmtb.com which I was pretty happy about. Cheers Sven.

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